Lee Jamieson, Hotel Industry magazine, 9 July 2014: “If there is one book that all hoteliers should read, then this is it! Unlike many of the other dry, theoretical books on selling, this book cuts to the quick and demonstrates how to sell through Conor’s 28 years of sales experience“.

Bobby Kerr, Dragon’s Den: “A really interesting book“.

The Irish Times, Monday 5 March 2014: “... an engaging and light-hearted read that salespeople will relate to“.

John Purcell, The Bottom Line, KCLR: “Lots of interesting stories with new insights even for experienced sales people“.

Books Ireland, July / August 2014: “Like all Oak Tree Press books, this is well laid out, taking a no-nonsense approach to the subject with a minimum of jargon. It includes real-life tales of sales“.

Enterprise Ireland, The Market, Summer 2014: “Ace sales trainer Conor Kenny learnt his key principle when he worked for a kindly Jewish family business in the early 1990s. After he made a costly mistake, his boss told him: “Conor, good decisions come from wisdom; wisdom comes from experience; experience comes from bad decisions.” Kenny’s book on how to sell, Sales Tales, is full of these funny-but-true experiences: how he used Turkish Delight to make and seal a contract, how it takes 3,416 bolts to hold a sports car together but just one nut to dismantle it, and why you should listen more than talk, especially in a sauna“.



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